Expense Reduction Services

Our Expense Reduction Service helps clients maximize their current vendor contracts and reduce expenses.


  • No upfront costs.

  • MAP Advisors earns a portion of the realized savings for one calendar year.

  • Savings are calculated using an agreed upon baseline prior to recommendations.

  • Client is under no obligation to use the recommendations.

  • After one year, 100% of the ongoing savings are kept by the client.



  • Insurance: Health (Medical and Dental), Business Insurance, Workers Compensation

  • Financial Services: Bank fees, Credit Card processing fees, Credit Card charge fees, Payroll service fees, Leasing fees.

  • Travel and Entertainment

  • Office Services and Supplies

  • Marketing and Advertising

  • Freight costs

  • Utilities

  • Supplier contracts

  • Maintenance expenses

  • Accounts Receivable collections

  • Accounts Payable Audit: Duplicate payment and Over-payments, Pricing discrepancies.

  • Capital Expenditures

  • Inventory

  • Professional Services

Our Process

  1. Analysis of the information below allows us to determine savings potential

    • Current contracts

    • Usage reports

    • Invoices

    • Financial Statements: Last fiscal year and current year

    • Detailed Trial Balance

    • Organization chart

  2. Agreement between client and MAP Advisors to define expenditures and calculate savings

  3. Data Analysis and Research to uncover areas of savings

  4. Presentation of Recommendations

  5. Implementation of client approved cost savings