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Business Dashboards

​​What is a Business Dashboard?

A business dashboard is typically a one page display of your most important business metrics.  It simplifies the data into manageable chunks of visual information.  This helps you make informed decisions that drive the value of your business.

Why is a Business Dashboard needed?

If any of the items listed below are meaningful to you, then a business dashboard may make sense.

  • You feel your company can improve but you don't know where to start

  • You have the data but don't know what to do with it

  • You are falling behind your competitors

  • You are struggling to see the top metrics of your business in one spot

  • Businesses that check in with their numbers regularly are 30% more likely to grow

  • Your time is valuable.  You must be able to monitor your business without spending a lot of time gathering and evaluating data.

  • Ability to see where you are on your roadmap.  If you don't have a business roadmap, how do you know where you are going or when you will arrive at your destination?

  • Visual goals get everyone on the same page

  • Changing environment

  • eCommerce continues to grow

  • Remote work and digital collaboration has become a necessity

  • Growing gig economy

  • Leveraging data is becoming easier to obtain

  • Business model adjustments are faster due to real-time data

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