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Our service offerings are custom designed to meet the your needs.  Typical offerings are:

Discovery Session:  Let's spend a little time discussing your business and see if we can help optimize it and build a plan for the future.  To book a free discovery session, please see below.

Snap Business Assessment:  This involves a phone interview where we ask you a series of questions and request current and historical information.  Plus a whole lot more.  At the end of the interview, we will outline the information you need to send to us. Once all the information is received, we will send you our business assessment with findings and recommendations within 10 business days.  To book a Snap Business Assessment, please see below.

Business Assessments: Typical assessments involve several days on site, meeting with key personnel.  The information gathered, is then turned in to a report and reviewed with the appropriate people.  This report will outline the business as it exists today and a plan to move forward.

Retainers:  Services provided on a regular basis.  Either; weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

​Projects:  Whatever we can help you with.  We will scope out the project, including the expected outcome.

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