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How to get Unstuck

I think of a stick in the mud as someone that doesn’t want to go out and do something. But what do you do if you are actually stuck in the mud?

I drive a Jeep Wrangler, so I know what it’s like to be stuck in the mud. Typically, when you get stuck in the mud you diagnose the situation to determine a way to get out. Many times, that method fails and you try something else, then something else again. Maybe you’re fortunate to get unstuck on your own. If you don’t make it out on your own, you stay stuck until you realize, I’M REALLY STUCK and I don’t know what to do. You put your pride aside and call in a tow truck that has the right tools and skills to get you unstuck and back on the right path.

So...what do you do when your business is stuck? Try applying the same method of getting your car out of the mud.

Where are you stuck? Your Jeep is stuck in the mud. Where is your business stuck? Is it:

  • Revenue

  • Profits

  • Cash

  • Can’t keep up with demand

  • Too many headaches

What’s the cause? Your Jeep has no traction. What’s the cause of your business getting stuck?

  • Day to day activities totally consume your day

  • Ineffective or unmeasurable marketing

  • Lack of differentiators

  • Lack of a market

  • Poor systems (or no systems) in place

  • Taking on the wrong clients

  • Expensive Cost of Goods

Once you realize you’re stuck and you have pinpointed the cause. Try to get yourself out of the situation. If you can’t get yourself out, call in the folks with the expertise that have the capability of getting you out and back on the right path.

Bonus round: If you have about 12 minutes; catch me on Radio Entrepreneurs by clicking this link:

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