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I Think I Found Your Next Client

Let's play a little Where's Waldo. See that person in the white shirt standing in the water. He just found a giant conch shell. You know something else about him? He's your next client, but he's on vacation.

We’re right in the middle of vacation season and it’s a challenge to close business or even move business forward. So, what do we do to stay productive during this time?

Maybe you could find out where your next client is going on vacation and coincidentally show up there. I can’t imagine that going over too well. Maybe you could slam them with emails and voicemails so when they return from vacation they’ll be sure to avoid you like the plague.

All kidding aside. It’s important to show people respect while they’re on vacation. If you can, be a little proactive and find out when they’re leaving and when they’re returning. When they get back from vacation, give them a day or two to clean out all their backlog of emails, voicemails, etc. Ask them how their vacation was, then ease back into where you were before they left.

For most of us, summer business activities are much less than the rest of the year. What can you do with the extra time?

Business planning – Think about your business in the long term and in the short term. How are you doing versus your plan? If you’re far off from your annual plan then think about revising it.

Strengthen and grow your network – If you have extra time in the summer, others probably do as well. Reach out to folks in your network and reach out to new people. Grab some coffee with them.

Go on vacation yourself - It’s important to step away from your daily routine to clear your mind and get re-energized. Spend time with the important people in your life.

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