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Happy Boxing Day?

Boxing Santa

Ok I’ll admit it. I always thought Boxing Day had to do with some crazy tradition up in Canada when they celebrated all the great boxers of their country. Who doesn’t remember the great George Chuvalo and his unforgettable fight against Peter Piper (Yes that’s his name)? But that’s not what Boxing Day is about, at all.

Boxing Day is celebrated the day after Christmas. In Britain they use the term “Christmas Box” the same way we use the term “Christmas Present”. Boxing Day was traditionally a day off for the servants and the day when they received a Christmas box from the master. The servants would also go home and give Christmas boxes to their families. The holiday is celebrated in a few countries that have connections to the UK such as; Canada, Australia South Africa, and New Zealand. It has nothing to do with the sport of boxing.

I suppose the inventors of Boxing Day could have used some better branding folks.

Happy Boxing Day!

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