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Do You Have a Special Delivery?

I apologize, if you just ran to your front door because you thought I was sending you a special delivery. You probably do have a package, but it's not from me. What you ARE getting is a special delivery on special deliveries.

Think about what your business delivers; products, services, etc. Do you think there's something special enough in what you deliver that you create customer delight?

I was at a burger place this past weekend because someone (third hand) mentioned how great this place was. I went there and had a GREAT burger and GREAT service. They charged a higher price for their burgers, but I never thought twice about it. All I could see was the amazing burgers that everyone before me was eating. I felt like I was at Disney World, and just about to get on the best ride in the park. How much I spent, was the furthest thing from my mind. Since that time, I can't help but tell everyone about this place.

Imagine if you could create such a special delivery and what that would do for your business.

Many times we get held back from creating such a delightful solution because it appears to be not so bottom line effective. We think that our competition charges a certain amount, so we need to do the same. We build our business model around being the same. But, what if we built it around being different? What if you did something so delightful that it blew your competition away? You'll be able to charge a premium! And your customers will rave about you!

Here are a few thoughts on how to get started:

  • Where are you today?

  • Observe and talk with your team.

  • Talk with your customers.

  • Observe your competition.

  • Determine what your special delivery is.

  • What will set you apart?

  • Use or create your core values.

  • Design how you want customer interaction to be.

  • Document all of this so that it can be repeated by anyone.

  • Implement, monitor, and adjust

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