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Happy Thoughtful Day


I know, there's no such thing as Thoughtful Day but there should be! We just came off of Thanksgiving and are now headed toward the gift giving season (and year end). Maybe we should think thoughtful thoughts?

Did you know, thoughtfulness is good in the workplace too?

Here are a few suggestions on thoughtful workplace activities:

Create a New Employee Welcome Package

Most companies send out boring HR forms and maybe some information about their company. Remember, it's a little intimidating showing up for a new job and not knowing anyone or anything. Think about how you can make that first day a little easier for the new person. Include things like:

  • A personalized note welcoming them

  • Small thoughtful gifts

  • Something on the company culture - maybe thoughtfulness should be part of this?

  • Human Resource forms

  • Branded merchandise

  • Local hot spots; Cafes, Restaurants, Gyms

  • Free coupon for you to take them to lunch

Employee Appreciation

Did you know that only 1/3 of the workforce is engaged in what they do? That percentage is getting worse, not better. Employee appreciation is something that is done often, but not always done well. Here are a few ideas on how to appreciate your employee:

  • Figure out how to connect with each person, then connect. It's hard to motivate someone without knowing what motivates them

  • You must be sincere and genuine in your communication and praise

  • Do something unique for each person

  • Compliment and encourage your employees

  • Say Thank You, often

Thank People in Your Network

A strong network of people can help you do so many tremendous things. Here are a few thoughtful ideas:

  • Send a special thank you note

  • Send something fun

  • Make an introduction

  • Offer to help

  • Call them

  • Get to know them

Think about how you can implement these activities, or other thoughtful activities, and continue to do them.

By the way, I am filling out all the forms to declare November 27th "Thoughtful Day". Wish me luck.

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