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January is Set the Business Tone month

I know…we are all still saying happy new year to folks. But the year isn't so new anymore. January is coming to a close real fast and it's time to set the tone for the rest of the year!

You probably spent a lot of time trying to predict the results of 2019 for your business. And I'm sure the 2019 plan is to do better than 2018. Once January is over you and your team need to get together, as soon as possible, to discuss the results. How can this help you set the tone for the remainder of the year? Read on…

Produce timely information

If it takes a month and a half to get your first month's information, you have a problem. In today's business environment, it’s very possible to get the key pieces of information in a short period of time. Ask yourself, and your team, how can we get our key information within 3 working days after month end?

Hold your team accountable

Each area of your business should have a lead person that is responsible for meeting certain goals for the month, quarter, and year. These goals should tie in to the company's goals. This lead person is not only responsible for attaining these goals, he/she is responsible for communicating how things are going.

Discuss the results and adapt

Spend time discussing the results with all involved. How do these results impact future months? Are there tweaks needed to what you are doing? Remember, you are trying to help your team succeed. Work as a team to resolve these issues, and leave your emotions checked at the door.

Get in the habit of doing this every month. Having a plan is very important, but if you don't manage to that plan your chance for success goes way down. If your plan is way off at any point during the year, you need to revise the plan.

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