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Does this make you uncomfortable?

I don’t' know about you, but if I tried to bend backwards like that, my back would snap in half like a dried twig.

Speaking of backwards. Throughout my entire life, I think I've had the words comfortable and uncomfortable backwards. Did you know the word comfort comes from the Latin word confortare? Which means "to strengthen much". So, in order for me to strengthen myself, I need to be comfortable not uncomfortable. For example; When I'm at the gym it's important for me to do that extra rep or run that extra mile; to push myself into my comfort zone. Once I'm in my comfort zone, I'm strengthening myself.

Now that we have it straight, here's what you should do to be comfortable.

Take a look at your workday. Is it exactly the same every day? If it is, your senses are getting dull and you should feel uncomfortable. Try; learning something new every day; driving to work a different way each week, setting some goals and making them happen, doing those things you constantly put off.

Do you have a daily physical routine? Sitting on the couch and eating "comfort food" (It should be called uncomfort food) is not a physical routine by the way. If this is your daily physical routine, your body is getting dull (and doughy), and you should feel uncomfortable. Try; stretching for 15 minutes a day, walking for 30 minutes; meditating for 20 minutes.

The next time you feel comfortable, ask yourself: should I really feel uncomfortable. If you're not strengthening, then you are weakening.

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