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When do we leave for Florida?

Trip planning and business planning

I remember the days when my family would take the long summer trip to Miami or to Topeka. One of us kids was lucky enough to get the way back area of the station wagon in the morning. Spacious and peaceful. In the afternoon, you didn't want to be back there because the sheets of metal you were lying on felt like lying on the sun. It was a 3-day, 1,500 mile trip that seemed like it took forever. Before the trip began my dad would study the maps and highlight the route we were going to take.

So…what does running a business have to do with a trip to Florida or Kansas? Well, let me tell you. Planning a trip is like planning your business. Where, when, and how do you want to go? Who’s going with you? These are some of the basic things to figure out.

Let's assume you have decided on a destination. Are you flying or driving? Do you want to get there fast or take your time and see things along the way?

Once you’ve selected your destination and created a roadmap, it’s time to execute. Your plan calls for you to be at a certain place at a certain time. You should have check points along the way so that you know if you’re on schedule or not. Remember, even the best plans have unforeseen issues. You may be forced to alter the plan, but always look to get back on track.

All along the journey, you’re adapting to the situation, but the destination never changes. Eventually, you make it to your destination (hopefully).

The next time you're planning for your business, think of it in these terms.

By the way. Those long car rides I took with my family ended up being as memorable as the destination.

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