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Who's going to the Inlets on Friday?

Think about making money not spending money

No, not that type of inlet. Outlets are where you go to spend money, so an inlet would have to be where you go to make money.

Have you ever noticed that society thinks it's awkward to have public conversations about how to make money? And it's socially acceptable, and encouraged, to talk about how to spend money. That's because our economy is driven off of spending money, so the system tricks us to think that spending thoughts are good.

Here are a few examples of the system hard at work:

  • When I'm driving in my car, I catch myself thinking about how to spend money.

  • Our conversations with each other are almost always on spending vs making money.

  • The internet is filled with advertisements.

  • The television is filled with commercials on things to buy.

I could go on.

It's now time to make some change.

I challenge everyone to spend 90 minutes a week, from now until 2020, thinking about ways to make money. Here's an approach that will help you be productive:

Session 1 - Brainstorm: Write down as many ideas as you can. There are no bad ideas.

Session 2 - Pick 3 ideas that you think are achievable next year

Session 3 - Spend time on each idea and determine which one will make you the most money with the least amount of time.

Session 4 - Take the best idea and come up with an action plan

Next year - Do it!

Bonus exercise: On Thanksgiving, I'm sure conversations will come up about spending money. Try to flip it and have conversations about how to make money.

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