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How Can DAD Help Run Your Business?

DAD helping

I'm sure your Dad is smart and capable of helping run your business, but I'm not talking about him. When I say DAD, I mean using the method of Discover, Assess, Deploy. When looking at your Business Systems and Processes, it's very important to have a method. This will create consistency and repeatability.

Business systems and processes are essential to managing your operation. As the business grows, so should your need for systems and processes. The need could be for something new or just enhancing what you already have. Some examples are; hiring, pricing, order fulfillment, inventory management, lead generation, financial review, etc. So, how do you know if you need a new system or process?

Try implementing DAD.

Discover - This is the data gathering stage. There should be a lot of questions, and answers to the questions.

Hint: Keep a prioritized list of the items that you would like to have go through this process.

Some discovery questions are:

  • What problem am I trying to solve?

  • What is the current situation?

  • Are there solutions that exist today?

Assess - During this phase you are analyzing the information gathered during the Discovery, and probably asking additional questions. At the end of the assessment, you should be able to determine if this is a go/no go.

Deploy - You have determined to move forward. There are a few things that need to be done here:

  • Assign an owner and establish how communication, to you, will work.

  • Establish a budget and timeline

  • Determine the start date and anticipated end date

  • Once complete, establish on going checks to make sure the new system or process is still working

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