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Now, How do You Get Away?

Working in The Woods

As most of you know, I like to disappear for 2 or 3 hours on a Friday with me, my notebook, and a few pens. I try to use this time to work on the big picture stuff. That was my routine for the longest time. Then along comes COVID-19, disrupting everything. I've been stuck in my office and in the same environment forever. My ability to get out of the day to day routine is a lot more challenging these days.

So, how is it possible to free your mind and your body of the business day to day activities if you're stuck at your desk? And your whole family is all around…all the time.

Here are a few suggestions:

Go for a Bike Ride

Before you leave on the bike ride take 15 minutes to jot down a few big picture things to think about. Immediately after your bike ride write down some of your thoughts. Or better yet, take some paper and a pen with you on the ride. Safety note; don't write and ride at the same time.

Relocate in the House

Find a quiet time, and place, within your house that's not your normal workspace. Bring only a paper notebook and a pen. No electronics and no other distractions are allowed. Stay there for at least 90 minutes.

Go Outside with a Chair

I'm sure you can find a place in your yard or close to where you live that's peaceful. You know what to bring and not to bring.

It's a very unique time. And as my dad once said, find the positives! Once things begin to open up, your time is going to be occupied. So take advantage of this unique situation.

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