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How Is The Crisis Changing Your Business?

Change for the Better

We've been at this social distancing for over 3 months now. COVID-19 has forced the business world to, literally, adapt or die. I'm hopeful this will not last too much longer, but I'm planning on it lasting for at least another year or two. So how do we acclimate to this new way of business, and how do we take advantage of the positive changes?

Global crises that crush our existing way of living and working can pave the way for new systems, structures, and values to emerge and take hold. Without this devastation we can be resistant to major changes. Many of us have been forced into digital meetings, paperless systems, and other productivity enhancer tools. This crisis will someday be past us, but I encourage you to stick with the positive changes.

Those obvious changes that we were forced to adopt are the easy things to figure out. Now it's time to think about the not so obvious issues like:

  • How to close new business

  • Supply chain changes and delays

  • Company events

I encourage you all to spend some time thinking about the not so obvious issues of your business. It may be a great time to hold a virtual meeting with the core team about this topic. Maybe your business can use this crisis to leap into a bigger and better fishbowl.

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