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Why ask Why?

Remember when your kids were young, and they would ask WHY about a million times? The reason they used the word "why" so frequently is because their vocabulary wasn't strong enough to elaborate. What they really meant to say was "That's interesting…tell me more". Remember what Vinnie Barbarino would say: What? When? Where? Remember how annoying Detective Columbo would seem after he asked so many questions?

Why am I telling you this and how does this relate to your business?

August is a good month to question everything about your business. Look at your long-term goals and start asking questions about what you are doing today. Is what you are doing today lining up with your long-term goals? Ask yourself so many questions about everything that you do, until you flash back to when your kids were at that WHY stage. Even if you think something is perfect, question it.

Here are a few things to question:

  • Where do you spend your time? Is it in line with your goals?

  • Will the sales that you have today be able to get you to your long-term goals?

  • What should your profit be?

  • Are you driving toward an exit strategy?

PS. Don't forget to take a little time off in August.

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