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Is it time to Pivot?

Pivot Irrigation

Remember the episode of friends when Ross was trying to get his couch up the stairs? Ross was aggravating Chandler and Rachel by yelling out PIVOT a little too often. The scene didn't show him making it up the stairs, but I heard (from a not so reliable source) that he created a new and improved sketch and he finally got that couch into his apartment. Vertical tilting was the key. So…what does this have to do with anything? Well, let me tel you...

During these uncertain times it is critical to think deeply about your business. There are, not so obvious, threats and opportunities that could make or break your business. Here's a simple method you can use to better understand if a pivot is necessary:

Discovery: Ask yourself and others a lot of questions, like:

  • Can we survive during and after the pandemic?

  • Has our business permanently changed?

  • What new opportunities are coming from this?

  • What threats could there be?

  • How can we capitalize on our strengths?


  • Analyze the information you have gathered


  • Start implementing

Whatever you decide to do, be relentless like Ross.

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