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What is a good or bad day?

When something great happens to us in the business world like; closing a sale, getting that promotion, or even losing your job? You come home and tell your loved ones how great or how horrible your day was. But why do you think it was a great day or a horrible day? Let’s look at a few scenarios:

You closed a fantastic sale today. It was your biggest sale of the last 2 years. Your boss rang the bell when it came in, and the whole office was giving you High-five’s. Sounds like a great day!

You got the promotion you had been dreaming about. It comes with a nice new title, a bigger office, and a big fat raise. That’s great!

You lost your job. Enough said.

A couple of great days and one not so great day, right? Maybe not.

So, you got that big sale. Remember what it took to get this closed? You had been working this deal for 9 months. You first met them at a networking event that you almost blew off. You nearly lost the deal on several occasions, but made some spectacular saves.

Great you got the promotion, but when and how did you earn the promotion? All the late nights you put in. Your habit of getting your assignments done on time and with high quality. Your ability to communicate effectively.

Losing your job sounds like a horrible day. Fast forward 5 years. After you left your job you decided to go out on your own. It turned out to be a great idea and business couldn’t be better.

Ok, what’s the takeaway from this? Sure, your great days are great and your bad days are bad. But it’s more complex than that. Many great days are the cumulative efforts of a lot things. Think about those days that build up to a great day, and try and do more of these activities. Go to that networking event that you think might be a waste of time. Follow up with people. Stay in touch with your network.

Try to get the best out of bad situations. My dad once told me, on one of my very bad days, “Turn it into something positive”. Who knows, you may look back on this bad day and reclassify it as something positive.

As it's written on my home screen of my cell phone "Win The Day"!


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