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When was the last time you worked ON your business?

Remember when you first started your business? There was all sorts of time to work on your business. Probably because there wasn't much work, just yet, within your business. Fast forward to where you are today. Your business is bigger and much more complicated. It feels impossible to keep up with just the day to day activities. I feel your pain. Here's a trick that I have been doing faithfully, and it seems to help.

Each week, typically on a Friday for about 2 hours, I disappear to a local coffee shop with me, a pen, and a paper notebook. In the front of my notebook, I have a printout of my short range, mid-range, and long range goals. I read through that list and ask myself if I'm heading in the right direction and at the right pace.

It's taken me a while to train my brain, but once I read and think about my goals I've shifted into "Working on My Business" mode. My second activity is to get caught up with where I left off, then carry on any of those activities. As new ideas pop up, I write them down so that I can get back to them later.

Typically I find myself not wanting to leave because I'm working on some great things. I'm usually so excited, I head back to my office to work more on whatever the topic is.

Remember to think about each hour that you have, and what the best Return on Investment of your time can be.

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